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Thank you very much for visiting our homepage. We are CV Ideal Furniture (also known as IFURINDO), an Indonesian manufacturer and exporter of teak furniture based in Jepara, Central Java. We produce both indoor and outdoor/garden teak furniture for all customer types.  We are very welcome to be in business with you, whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, and you who deal with project involving the need of furniture such as hotel, restaurant, villa, themed park, and other similar projects. 

Our business philosophy is simple. Providing customers with what they expect at most. Thus, we take deep attention on pricing, product quality, product delivery, and customer service. Pricing means that we try as hard as possible to be competitive in terms of product price. Product quality means that we try to deliver product at the promised quality hallmarks. Product delivery means that we are strict in terms of time punctuality or lead time. Customer service means that we are very friendly in having relation with the customer. We do believe that placing customer as the main priority is the foundation of our business sustainability. 

Doing business with us is very simple. You can walk around our website to see or scan our furniture collections. If you are confident enough, you may initiate an introductory communication by dropping your message via our live help provided on the bottom right of every website page. If this alternative doesn't suit you, you may send us an email. You may request our catalog. In case that you are not interested with our offer, we guarantee that we will not bother you with any unsolicited communication with any means of communication. We do appreciate your privacy. If you are interested in our offer after reading our catalog, you may start a deeper conversation with us. You can also request price inquiry for customized furniture. We are good in reading your technical drawing and giving the right price based on it. The further step is usually by visiting us in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. If it is your first time visiting our beautiful country, we will be pleased to pick you up at Semarang Airport and take you to our factory. We can also help you by choosing the right hotel for your accommodation during your stay in Jepara.