As a company with long term business sustainability orientation, we take deep attention on customer's satisfaction. One important point on customer's satisfaction aspects is product. We make sure that our products are free of defects. In case that defective product exists, we are responsible to repair or replace the specified defect products at no cost on your side. Replacement and Repair are words refer to Guarantee.

Product Replacement

Product replacement is performed by replacing defective products with the new ones in the future order. It means that they will be shipped along with the future order shipment.

Product Repair

Product repair is performed when there are minor defects on the products. Customers then may choose to repair them locally. If this case happens, repair cost is then becomes our responsibility. Cost is calculated by using our estimation point of view of the repair cost. Cost is then treated as a deductible item in future order.

Both product replacement and product repairs are allowed to be claimed if they are in accordance to following terms

  • Claims are allowed up to 3 (three months) from arrival date at port of destination. If there is any delay in claim submission, it then will be reviewed on case by case basis.
  • Claims against our products occurs when manufacturing defect exist. Manufacturing defect means we do not deliver products into desired functions caused by incorrect manufacturing process. Manufacturing defects may be represented in following cases: wood failure, broken wood joints, and broken non wood hardware, bad non wood hardware. Any other defect cases are reviewed on case by case basis. Manufacturing defect is different from design defect. Design defect is defined as any situation happens when product is defective caused by vulnerable by design supplied by the customer. It frequently happens in custom order. In case that customer supply vulnerable by design product, we will anticipate it by suggesting several needed anticipation. If suggestions are accepted, any defect is to be our responsibility and it is claimable, vice versa.
  • Claims are substantiated by photographs or other medias clearly showing would-be claimable parts of the product. Verbal explanations are also required to accompany the submitted images in order to make every claim clearer.
  • Claims are rejected when those three points mentioned above are not fulfilled.

Our guarantee is for product replacement or cash credit that is fulfilled only by future order (s). Guarantee doesn't include other costs such as freight, restocking or other charges.

By doing business with us, it is assumed that you agree to our guarantee policy stated in this page which is a part of our whole business terms.

In case that you need to amend our guarantee policy, please do not hesitate to contact us via: