Gala Teak Cabinet 6 Drawers

Gala Teak Cabinet 6 Drawers is an extension model from Gala Cabinet and Gala Teak Cabinet 4 Drawers. It extends the functionality of those sister models with the aim of adding storage functionality. This extendable model is elegant with its teak material as the raw material. Using only experienced woodworkers, this model resembles the beauty of Indonesian Teak Furniture presented only for you.


Product AttributeValue
Name Gala Teak Cabinet 6 Drawers
Code IFCB003
Dimension (Width x Depth x Height) (mm)   1500 x 450 x 1950 
Estimated Loading Capacity  (20 ft; 40 ft; HQ) 19; 39; 45
Type  Indoor Furniture
Suitable Room Bedroom, Livingroom, Kitchen
Material  Teak Wood
Finishing  Smooth Sanded Finish
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