Ondulé Type B Dining Chair with Upholstery

Ondulé Type B Dining Chair with Upholstery, the dining chair is an extended version from Ondulé Dining Chair. The differences are on the seat upholstery and squared look on the top of the backrest. The chair version brings more comfort when you seat on it. Even though the squared look on the doesn’t add the functionality, it does bring more stylish look. We always make the furniture to be as sturdy as possible. Thus, the production process involves the craftsmanship of Jepara which is globally known to be the main contributor for the image of Indonesia furniture.


Product AttributeValue
Name Ondulé Type B Dining Chair with Upholstery  
Code IFDC-005  
Dimension (mm) 460 x 530 x 1150 
Estimated Loading Capacity  (20 ft; 40 ft; HQ)156; 338; 404 pcs  
Type  Indoor Furniture
Material  Teak Wood
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